Creating a new Ext Speeder Project in Netbeans

This guide explains the steps of creating a new Ext Speeder project in NetBeans.

If you have not already, make sure you have modified your settings.xml-file with the code sent to you by email.

  1. The first step of creating a new Ext Speeder project in Netbeans is to press the New Project... button in the toolbar.

  2. This will open a guide for creating a new project. Ext Speeder is made for the Maven build tool, so go to the Maven category and select Java Application. Press Next.

  3. Select a Project Name and perhaps set other properties for the new server application. Any values can be used. Press Finish.

  4. The new project is created. Right click on the new project and select Open POM.

  5. Double-click the file named "pom.xml" and add the following within the <project>-tags. Do not forget to choose your database type first.





Starting the Ext Speeder Tool from Netbeans

Ext Speeder is designed to run as a Maven Goal inside the IDE. To launch it, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the new project in the Projects tree. Right-click on the project and select Clean and Build… Netbeans will now download all the Ext Speeder components.

  2. Look in the Navigator panel. Two goals named “extspeeder generate” and “extspeeder tool” will appear.


    Tip: If the Navigator component is not visible, it can opened from the menu bar by pressing WindowNavigator or by pressing Ctrl+7 on the keyboard. If it is showing but does not contain anything, it means that the project root node is not selected in the Projects component.

  3. Double click on extspeeder tool to launch the graphical tool.

    Tip: It is possible to regenerate the project without launching the graphical tool by running the extspeeder:generate goal. It will rerun the most recent configuration.


I get the error "Could not find artifact ?

You need to download the Oracle Connector jar version from the Oracle Website and install it on your local machine. Here is a guide on how to install the jar.